Pulliner Varnish Bucket / Paint Bucket 14 liter plastic disposable padding

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Pulliner for buckets of 14 l 5 pieces per package.

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Varnish bucket / Paint bucket 14 liter plastic disposable filling pulliner

Pulliner for varnish inhibitors or paint buckets with a capacity of 14 liters.

these are sold per 5 disposable fillings.

for more info call or mail to +32 56 77 36 04 or info@ardeco-parket.be

Pulliner paint bucket 14 liter plastic disposable padding

Transparent disposable infill bucket of 14 liters
type: 14 liters

this keeps your varnish bucket clean after throwing away the filling.
packed per 5 pieces

Plastic insert bucket for the veneer bucket paint bucket.

Easy to remove.

After each job / color / or product, remove the insert bucket and the paint bucket is clean and ready for use again.




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