Osmo 3029 maintenance wax


Osmo 3029 maintenance wax

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Osmo 3029 maintenance wax / maintenance oil 1 liter

The Osmo 3029 maintenance wax / oil is used for the first post-treatment, maintenance and monthly refresher of your wooden surface treated with Osmo hardwax oil / wax. The Osmo maintenance wash regenerates and cleans at the same time, is easy to apply and very economical to use. Also Osmo liquid maintenance oil / wax is suitable to remove very stubborn stains.
Osmo Maintenance Oil / washing applications

The Osmo maintenance oil / wax is applied to surfaces treated with Osmo Hardwax oil.
As the first post-treatment, maintenance and monthly refresher of your wooden surfaces.
Suitable for removing very stubborn stains.
Drying time: about 30 to 60 minutes


1 bus

1.0 liters

Osmo 3029 maintenance wax is available in ‘Natural’ and ‘White’ version. Make a choice here.

8 to 10ml per m2.

1 liter is enough for approx. 80 to 100 m2 hardwax surface.

Apply Osmo 3029 maintenance wax / oil

Before applying the Osmo maintenance wax / oil, shake well and do not dilute.

Apply the Osmo maintenance wax / oil thinly and evenly with the Osmo washing cloth on the dry cleaned hard wax surface.

Tip: Use the bottom plate with Osmo wash cloth to attach the maintenance wax.
Osmo maintenance oil / wax for stain removal

For stubborn stains use an Osmo polishing pad (very fine steel wool). Wipe away the contamination in the grain direction of the wood. You can then easily remove the released dirt. Apply a small amount of Osmo undercoat oil wax to a cloth or a polishing pad and rub it in the grain direction of the wood.

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