Hesse Aqua Refresher (mat)

20.99 incl. VAT

Ideal for removing shiny stripes on matt varnished parquet floors.
Has a new layer of protection on your varnish.
Dilute product in water and allow to dry.

For refreshing old and used surfaces, they get a better appearance and longer life.
For larger surfaces, it is advisable to work in partial areas. The desired degree of gloss forms automatically.
Do not erase through already dried parts because of the risk of streaking.
In the wet state, avoid draft and dust. Especially with older surfaces or with prepainted
parquet, due to the finishing materials used, adhesion problems can arise with the care product.
Therefore, in those cases, first test whether the care product meets your expectations.
Test the adhesion of the entire paint system! It is advisable to do it at regular intervals
remove the old AQUA-REFRESHER residues from the surface with Hesse Remover OS 5600.
This prevents a sticky and dirty surface from forming too much
layers AQUA-REFRESHER over each other.

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Hesse Aqua Refresher (mat)



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na 2 uur drogen bij 20°C, vol belastbaar: na 24 h bij 20°C


mat, voor pura one

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